Internet Telephone Systems (VoIP)

Telecommunication technology continues to converge. Advanced technologies that were once only feasible for large companies, such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), are now affordable for small businesses. Steel Town Tech’s technicians are trained and certified in the latest VOIP technology.

Is your phone system up to the challenges of modern business?

What is VoIP?

          VoIP is technology that utilizes internet connections in order to make and receive phone calls. There are two ways of providing this service. The first is to have equipment on location, much like a traditional phone system. This system uses your internet connection for voice calls. The second is to use what is known as hosted VOIP, which houses the system on servers elsewhere. This solution allows small businesses to have all the advantages of VOIP without the high cost of an in-house server.

Unified Communications

Why should a company consider using VOIP instead of traditional PBX systems? The VOIP phone system allows phone calls and extensions to be routed just about anywhere, from a salesperson’s cell phone to an employee’s home extension.  Voice mail can be forwarded to an employee’s email or as a text notification to their cell phone. Software phones can be used with an employee’s laptops and workstations. VOIP allows employees to have unlimited mobility and provides a seamless communications loop in your office.

Continuous Service Upgrades

Unlike premise based VOIP systems, Hosted systems are continuously upgraded with new features and enhancements without the need to purchase additional equipment.

Increased Flexibility in Routing Calls

Calls can be routed to Individuals, Groups, Queues, and Locations.

“Enhanced” SIP Trunking

This option exists if you would like to move towards VOIP, but are not ready to change over completely.  This solution allows you to mix VOIP and a traditional phone system together. This also means there is a backup phone system online should your on-site PBX go offline.

Decreased Support Costs

In the past, changes to a traditional phone system meant an hourly fee and a visit from a phone technician. With VOIP, these kinds of visits are eliminated because of the mobility of the system, and the simplicity of the software VOIP uses.