The Pros and Cons of Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions have become the hot trend in technology. With companies like Adobe and Microsoft moving their suite of software to web-based applications, everyone is thinking about how “the cloud” will affect them next, especially in business.

Traditional business applications have always been very complicated and expensive. With cloud solutions, users can eliminate headaches and costs because they’re not managing hardware and software anymore—it’s the responsibility of experienced professionals that guide users through “the cloud” process. Of course with every new innovation in technology, there is a bit of skepticism. Let’s look a little closer at the pros and cons of cloud solutions.


Fast Startup – Cloud solutions can be implemented and modified instantly resulting in a better and more efficient way to conduct business.

Scalability – No matter how big or small one’s needs might be, the cloud can be the perfect solution.

Agility – Through the cloud, one can commit IT resources without having long-term contracts, allowing users to make smart business decisions.

No Capital Expenditures – Cloud solutions remove the financial burden of capital investments in costly hardware. Instead, your financial commitment is limited to operational expenses.


Bandwidth – When users are sending data back and forth constantly in the cloud, they need to make sure they have allowed for the increased bandwidth necessary.

Performance – Some public cloud applications may perform poorly because of the number of users. Some applications should not be moved to a public cloud.

Return on Investment – Moving to the cloud may not instantly mean greatly reducing costs. An understanding of how and when the return on investment will be present is needed in this process.

Security – While data on a private cloud is secure, information on a public cloud may be more susceptible to security breaches.

Now that you have seen some of the pros and cons of cloud-based solutions, please take time to learn more by contacting Steel Town Tech today.

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