Office 365 Tips - Shared Mailboxes

Shared Mailboxes are an oft overlooked feature that Microsoft has thrown into Office 365 that’s worth exploring.

Office 365 is a great way to get access to email, the Office suite of applications, online storage and a whole lot more. But, there’s an oft overlooked feature that Microsoft has thrown in that’s worth exploring. And it’s free!

A standard mailbox allows a user to have an inbox, as many sub folders as they want and to get and send mail through a secure portal. A shared mailbox does all of that as well, but can be shared by several users at once and without making you buy another license! In fact, the only difference between a normal Office 365 mail account and a Shared Mailbox is that the shared mailbox doesn’t have its own password.

We have deployed many of these and they are perfect for:
• And info@ mailbox for people asking for more information, you can even setup an auto-reply that thanks the sender for contacting you and includes some information with the promise of more.
• An office@ mailbox which is monitored by several people who share the front desk or any other position
• Internship@ or employment@ is a great way of putting out an address which several of your HR staff can monitor and use to communicate. If it’s appropriately playful for your company, set up freshmeat@ instead wink
• Can be permanent or temporary as your needs dictate.

Unlike just auto-forwarding message to someone or a whole lot of people, the Shared mailbox is a fully featured mailbox. This is crucial when you want to see which messages have been read, what replies have been sent and it can be organized into subfolders. It has a sent items folder so you can see what’s been written by another team member to prevent embarrassing and time consuming overlaps.

As always, Steel Town Tech’s expert staff would be happy to discuss these options and how to make them work for your company. Give us a call at: 412-515-0020!

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