Ever wanted to make installing a whole list of applications really simple and easy? What about really really simple and easy?

NINITE is a tool which gathers a ton of the apps that you want to install on a new computer or on a newly reformatted computer. Visit the Ninite web page and check off the applications you would like on your PC. Click Get Installer at the bottom and you will download a little master installer file that’s custom made for your computer. Run that file and Ninite will download and install each application that you checked off. And, the great thing is that it will always install the latest versions of each, and you don’t have to do anything else. You can even use it months later to make sure you have the latest versions of every application! The apps just install one at a time with no further input needed. You can get a cup of coffee and have a chat and the computer will be ready to go when you get back! Sweet!

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