Is Tech Support Deliberately Bad

Did you ever stop to think how much personal relationships matter in Tech Support?

Personal relationships matter. But, did you ever stop to think how much personal relationships matter in Tech Support? Think of the last time you spent an hour on hold calling a big company to try to get them to help. And, even when you get someone, they are going to walk you through their script no matter what:

“Hi there, we aren’t connected to the internet.”
“I’m sorry to hear that, let’s start by rebooting the modem, the router, the wifi and every computer you have.”

The next bit of the conversation involves explaining how my iPhone doesn’t have to be rebooted because it’s not causing the connection issue which shows ping tests between our firewall and google skyrocketing to over 1000 on a regular basis.

While I may have exaggerated a tiny bit, we’ve all had those conversations. And, it doesn’t matter if you are tech savvy or not, they are painful. But, did you know they are painful on purpose? In an article in the New York Times, Kate Murphy explains that in order to spend less on paying employees to provide good support, companies are making it so hard to get support that customers are giving up (or finding the answer themselves while on hold). “...92 percent of customer service managers said their agents could be more effective and 74 percent said their company procedures prevented agents from providing satisfactory experiences.”

Compare that with a call to Steel Town Tech. We are a small company and know our clients personally. Your tech will probably recognize you by your caller ID before evening answering the phone. You won’t have to give an account number or an address. You can bet we already know what gear you have and how its configured. And, we probably already know how you are using it too. For our Managed Services clients, we also have all the behind the scenes functioning of everything from backups to anti-virus to hardware malfunctions.

In real numbers, that means that you are getting help for your actual issue in a matter of seconds instead of hours. And, the call is going to take a lot less time because all of the introductions are already done: we know you, we know your tech. So if you are looking for a tech support solution or a phone company that doesn’t cause you to want to throw your phone at the wall, give us a ring!

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