Introducing STT Gaming Division

The folks here at Steel Town Tech have lots of gear and like gaming.

New and Old Gamers

New and Old Gamers

At Steel Town Tech we believe that there’s no clear distinction between business and life. You don’t stop being human at the office (even if you try). And, the tech we support impacts lives. Sometimes, in big ways like making sure an engineering company has well-functioning systems to design critical infrastructure for thousands of people. Sometimes, in small ways like helping you arrive home at night with energy you didn’t waste being frustrated by your phone or email.

But, if work and life go together, so does a bit of play from time to time. And, since the folks here at Steel Town Tech have lots of gear and like gaming, those things were eventually going to collide: We now have a server that didn’t have a purpose and we turned it into a gaming hub. It’s presently hosting Minecraft and a pair of ARK: Survival Evolved (look for RaptorJesus servers) with occasional Team Fortress 2 duties as well.

So come for the support, stay for the fun!

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