Hosted VoIP & International Travel

How to Use Your Hosted VoIP Solution While Traveling Abroad

I just got off the phone with my daughter this morning. She called me from an extension in the office phone system. The only thing unusual about this is that she is in China and I’m in Pittsburgh. Apart from the 12 hour time difference, it was as if she was at a desk down the hall: crystal clear, reliable and free.

Thinking about Hosted VoIP often involves thinking outside of the conventional phone box. By hosting the central “brain” of your phone system and accessing it via the internet, phone systems can do many things not previously possible with a traditional (or even modern, non-hosted VoIP) system:

  • Extension mobility – Extensions now no longer have to have any physical relationship to the office. Boot up an app on your smartphone and make and receive calls from “inside the office.” Find a WiFi hotspot pretty much anywhere in the world and you are connected. Or, use your mobile data plan if you can’t find WiFi, but be careful of the roaming charges.
  • Adaptability – The system can rearrange, add or remove extensions with very little effort.
  • Configuration Flexibility – Routing any call to and from any number is now easy through a graphical user interface. Want direct dial numbers to each extension, but calls from the extensions should all have the company’s office Caller ID? Want incoming calls to ring a number of extensions in sequence? Want to record calls or be able to break in and listen for “quality assurance?” No problem!
  • Call Reporting – Everything the system does can be easily reported. Do you want to know how many minutes an extension was in use last Thursday? What about the total call volume coming in through the front desk? Does anyone ever call that old number that we’re still hanging onto? All are easily answered through the reporting system.
  • Outstanding support – While not a feature of all hosted VoIP systems, getting a system through Steel Town Tech has the compelling advantage of providing you with support on everything from your ear to the phone exchange as part of your monthly phone bill. Feel free to reconfigure the system as you grow, we’ll make changes for free! So before signing up with another company, ask them what it will cost to bring them back out to change something on the system after a year. After you recover from your shock ($200/hour isn’t uncommon), call us!

So whether you are in China or down the hall, a hosted VoIP system can be a key part of your future business success. And, Steel Town Tech can be the key to a system that fits your company the way you need it to. Today and tomorrow.

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