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A Brief History of Time

I founded Steel Town Tech after working in small business IT for over seventeen years. I started working with computers at the age of 8 when my father brought home the original IBM PC. That means I remember when floppy disks were… floppy, 300 baud was lightning fast, keyboards were heavier than laptops, and the computers took 120 seconds to do anything after flipping the on switch. I started working professionally at the age of 20 when I opened a computer store with a partner in Pawtucket, RI. After several years I returned to college to finish a degree in Philosophy. After graduating, I became the IT manager for a small company in Massachusetts. While there I did just about everything; Web and Graphic design, Networking, Tech Support, Windows and Linux Server installations, and CMS Implementation. In 2002 I moved to the Pittsburgh area and began working as AV Coordinator and Network Support at a local seminary. My time there ended in 2008, and that’s when I decided to return to my roots and start my own business.  I have certifications in VOIP and am a CCNA.

As a small business owner myself, I am passionate about helping other small businesses succeed. There are unique challenges when it comes to handling technologies for small businesses. Those challenges are very different from those which larger businesses have to contend with. Often small business people fall into one of two categories. Either they get oversold on technologies they don’t need by large consulting firms, or they treat their technological infrastructure like a home network and suffer from security and stability issues. Steel Town Tech knows that you have different needs, and different budgets, than a large business. We also understand that technology needs to work so that you can concentrate on your business, and not on which workstation is “acting up” that day.

If there is one thing all these years have taught me it is this: Technology has raised both our productivity and our anxiety. As the industry continues to push forward, we are all in a continuing state of learning. This can be both wonderful and harrowing at the same time. As an ordained Christian pastor I believe our company’s role is to serve our customers. Technology brings enough stress on its own, your tech support company shouldn’t add to it! We also believe in serving our community. Steel Town Tech is dedicated to working with non-profits in the Pittsburgh area to provide our expertise at discounted prices. 

Jamey Russell